Am I a Christian by God’s definition of a Christian, or because I call myself a Christian? There is a hugh difference between the two; one is for real, the other is religious. Do unbelievers call me a Christian or do they call me a hypocrite? Unbelievers know the truth about me without me having to say a word to them. They just watch what I do and listen to the way I talk. I was born and raised in America, but when I gave my life to the Lord, I became a Christian and I forfeited all of my rights to my life and turned them over to the Lord Jesus Christ. America, the land that I love, can no longer hold first place in my life even though I was born here. Christ must have first place in my heart in all things and at all times because of what He did for me. America didn’t die for me so I could have eternal life, but Christ did. My political party didn’t promise to provide all my needs, but Christ did. Neither America nor my political party can heal me, renew my mind, or give me spiritual insight into the realm that controls this natural earth, but Christ does.

Christ Jesus bought and paid for my Salvation with His own blood; therefore when I asked Him to forgive me and save me, I aligned myself with Him for better or for worse, and I, as well as all of us are required to pledge our allegiance to Him and give His commandments first place in our life. His commandments is life to those who obey them and supersedes all man made laws of a country that are contradictory to His Laws. If I obey the man made laws of my country that breaks the law of God, I become a lawbreaker and have moved Christ out of first place in my life and put the lawbreakers desires ahead of my Lord.

If I as a voter vote for or support people or laws that are contrary to God laws, I am no longer following the commandments of Jesus Christ, but a political party. And if I support a political party who supports abortion, homosexuality or any other thing God calls sin by giving that party my vote, money or time; does that not make me an accomplice to their crimes? You bet it does. Christians have the power to bring God’s will into the earth by casting a vote and being a witness to the unbelieving. But if I vote for people who think murder is okay, am I not setting myself up as a judge, judging who is worthy of living and who isn’t and agreeing with my political parties belief that murder is okay even though that belief is in violation of God’s commandment, “Do not murder.” If I vote in favor of the rights of homosexuals who cannot produce offspring which also is in direct conflict with God’s command to Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, am I not trying to replace God and His commands with myself and my own opinion? Who am I to make such decisions when I am worthy of death because of my past sins.

Christians are the only people in the world who do not understand their responsibility to the founder of their religion. If we are not following the Lord’s commands, Christ is not first in our life. If the Lord holds first place in our heart; He is the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing we think of before we go to bed at night. When an important decision comes up and we do not ask ourselves, “How would Jesus handle this?” He doesn’t have first place in our heart, but whatever we are thinking of, does. If Jesus isn’t first in our life its because He does not have our hearts, and if He doesn’t have our hearts He doesn’t have us, and if He doesn’t have us, we are just playing Christianity because He dedicated Himself to us and proved His dedication to us by His death, and now it’s our turn to prove to Him we are as dedicated to Him as He was to us by doing what He commands us to do; even if that means dying for our beliefs, but if we are not obeying His commands, whose voice are we listening to and whose commands are we obeying? There are only two voices heard in the earth; God’s voice and the devils voice. Who are you listening to?

We hear the word of the Lord, but we don’t obey it. He tells us following Him is the only way to life, but we live life as if it was our own never giving a second thought to what His will is for our life, and if we would die in this state, we still expect to go to heaven. Really. That’s a lot of presumption on our part don’t you think and there is not one scripture in the whole bible to back up that belief. Nowhere in scripture does it say people who owe their life to Him can do what they want in this lifetime and still go to heaven. My bible tells me obedient people who obey the Lord’s commands go to heaven, rebels are punished. He couldn’t have made that point any plainer in scripture. It’s time for the church to stop playing church and be the church God created it to be if we want to spend eternity with Him. DThrash

*Addendum to the above post. The language I used to describe God’s Word is being misunderstood by some who read my blog. When I used the word ‘command or commandment’ I was referring to God’s Word, not the Ten Commandments with the lone exception of His Commandment; “Do not murder.”  God’s Word is His will for mankind and governs our conduct and how we are to live life. We do not have the luxury of being for Him one day, and against Him the next. If we are not for Him all the time, we are against Him. And God did not suddenly change when we went from the Old Testament to the New Testament. He said in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” And in the Old Testament book of Malachi, He said, “I change not!” He is forever the same. Therefore God and His Word does not change and they must always hold first in the life of His people. When the Lord God wasn’t first in the lives of the Israelite’s, the people suffered as a result of it. Not because He wanted them to, but because they made something else the lord of their life. God will not play second fiddle to anyone or anything for very long. He didn’t then, and He doesn’t today. When Jesus told His disciples to do something specifically, He was giving them a command or ordering them to carry out that directive. For example; In Matthew 28 when He told His disciple to ‘Go’ into all the world… The word ‘Go’ is a command, it isn’t a request; and He fully expected His disciples to concur with that order and carry it out. If we do not, we will pay the price for our disobedience.  In the military, a person may be required to forfeit their life for disobeying a command or order, It is that serious of a charge because in war the cohesiveness of a unit is dependent upon every one working together to accomplish a particular goal. When one or two people disobey a command, it could cause the death of everyone in the unit. The church is not nearly what God intended for it to be because everyone is out for themselves or their church and there is no cohesiveness between churches. We are splintered into a thousand different pieces therefore we cannot possibly be effective in our mission or be the light God intended for us to be.

Someone said, I was teaching the Law and had left out grace. I guess I should have clarified myself and the language I was using to distinguish God’s Word as being His law and His will. Another said, “Grace is for everyone, not just a select few. They are right.. Grace like salvation is for everyone, but not everyone is walking in their salvation and not everyone is walking in grace. It is there for all to be partaken of, but many people desire to live in sin and forgo grace and salvation. The obedient person who walks in their salvation is under grace, those who live in sin are living under the law which is there to show them they need a savior and the grace they could be living under becomes works oriented. Salvation and grace go together like a hand and glove, while sin and works bears a heavy burden that will break the sinner down physically and spiritually.


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