The Treasure House of God

Have you ever wondered where God stores all of His treasures? If you have, you would be surprised to find out His treasure house isn’t in heaven, but right here on earth. You might be thinking, if His treasure house is here on earth, how come no one has ever found it? It could be you are looking in the wrong place, and you just might be looking for a physical treasure house that can be seen with our natural eyes, but God is a Spirit and things that last forever are spirit as well.

Now let us begin our search for God’s treasure house in the Old Testament where God was dealing with natural man and see what His instructions were to them. Do you remember reading in the Old Testament when God instituted tithing for the Israelite’s? Where did He tell them to bring their tithes? He told them to bring their tithes to His temple where He lived in the Holy of Holies. So where is God’s treasure house? Wherever God resides. What were the tithes the Israelite’s brought to God’s temple to be used for? To meet the needs of the Levites who cared for the temple and the poor who needed help. Well, God doesn’t live in a physical temple anymore. He lives in man who is a spirit being that resides in a fleshly body where God’s Spirit originally lived before Adam sinned, therefore God’s treasure house is in the church that bears His name. And stored in God’s treasure house is everything the church needs to meet the needs of mankind.

In the New Testament God lived in Jesus, therefore Jesus was the temple of God on earth where the Father had stored His treasures. And when men had needs no one else could meet; who did they go to? They went to Jesus and Jesus withdrew from God’s treasure house whatever they needed. In the Old Testament when Moses asked God who should he say sent him to deliver the Israelite’s from the Egyptians. God told Moses to tell them, “I AM” sent me. God always works with man through the hand of man. God was saying to Moses, you tell them, I AM going to supply their every need by your hand and He did from deliverance to water and food, clothing and healing; whatever the Israelite’s needed, God supplied for them out of His treasure house. Just as Jesus did what God sent Him to do, He fed the poor, opened blind eyes, deaf ears, set people free of demon spirits, gave life to the dead, and preached the good news to all. He met every need man would let Him meet. And He met their needs by taking from God’s treasure house and giving it to man. The part man played in all of this was to make their needs known to Him and to believe that He would meet that need. And when these two requirements were met, He met their need.

The church is the mouth, hands and feet of God on the earth today, and we are God’s treasure house just like Jesus was the mouth, hands, and feet of the Father when He was on the earth, and we have been given the very same power Jesus possessed to meet the needs of man. If that is true, why do we not see more needs being met than what we do? Well, there are a couple of reason for that. 1. The church does not know what its role is in the world, and 2. People don’t make their request known to the church because they have no confidence in the church that it can meet their needs.

When the church finds out who we are, then we will see the needs of man get met. Presently, the church ministers to natural man by giving them food, clothing and preaching at them, but we don’t realize we have been given the power to meet their every spiritual need such as healing, deliverance, freedom from addictions etc, and do everything that Jesus did so that God receives the glory for the wonderful works we do in His name, and the church becomes the light in the world it was created to be. When we find out who we are, and that we are the treasure house of God; then maybe, just maybe, we will unlock the door to God’s treasure house and pass out to mankind what they need from it. Until then, man will continue to suffer when they don’t have to because we don’t know what our job is or where God stores His treasures. DThrash


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