Is America Too Important To Perish

When people talk about America they almost always include the people as well as the land mass. However, America itself is just a piece of land situated between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that identifies it from other pieces of land in the world. And an American is a legal resident who lives on that strip of land. In the past, the American people have treated God’s children fairly and God blessed America and its people and made her the greatest nation on earth. An American can be a child of God, but not all Americans are God’s children. Some Americans are for God and some are against God or anti-Godly. Those Americans who are anti-Godly, the bible says the devil is their father, but despite who their father is, if they are a legal resident of America, they are Americans just the same as God’s children who lives in America are Americans.

The devil would like for people to think he is god; and he projects this image by persecuting and using force to overpower those people and nations  he thinks are weaker than he. So if the time ever comes in America when the anti-Godly faction tries to enslave God’s children, they will find themselves fighting against God and He will crush them just like He broke the power of the Egyptians for enslaving the Israelite’s in Old Testament times when He drowned Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea. God hates evil and will not allow evil-minded people to harm His children and not pay a dear price for their atrocities, even if they are Americans. God made mankind, and He is patient with them, therefore He gives the unbelieving anti-Godly people many opportunities to repent of their crimes just like He gave the Egyptian Pharaoh who persecuted the Israelite’s ten opportunities to repent of their crimes against His children. He didn’t repent and he paid for his transgressions with his life. God honored the decisions Pharaoh made just like He honors our decisions. And every decision men make comes with a blessing or a consequence attached to it.

God is not a respecter of persons. If He was we would all be headed to hell because none of us are worth saving, but He gave each of us the opportunity to be saved from the eternal fire we are all facing. If one person repents of their sins, God will forgive everyone who repents of their sins. If He blesses one person for submitting to Him, He will bless everyone who submits to Him. He loves all people the same and what He does for one person He will do for all people because we are all made in His image. That means He doesn’t love the American people anymore than any other people group on earth, He paid the same exact price for each of us. So in answer to my question, “Does God really care what happens to America and its people?” Sure He does, but should America and its inhabitants turn away from God to pursue evil, America will become just as cursed as it has been blessed.

God will bless any land whose people honor Him, but when people attempt to enslave God’s children and take away their freedom and force them into a form of government that jeopardizes their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness, regardless of who or where those people live; that nation becomes God’s enemy and He will break their power and destroy them. God loves His children just as any good parent does; and any people including unbelievers that will let His children live among them in peace and prosper in their work, God will bless. This shows us just how fair and merciful God is to everyone, and why He blesses even the unbelieving nations of the world who allow His children to live among them in peace. America became the greatest and richest nation on earth because many of God’s children live here, not because America is a special place. America isn’t much different than any other piece of land on earth except for the fact it welcomed God’s children and the Father blessed it mightily. What God did for America He will do for any people who will open their hearts and arms to His children. God loves His children and it is His love for His children that motivates Him to protect them from their enemies. If other countries were smart they would welcome God’s children with open arms and promote Christianity throughout their land and God would turn their desert waste place into a Garden of Eden just like He did America and Israel. DThrash


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