And Jesus Opened Their Understanding

Luke 24:45 tells us, “And He (Jesus) opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures.”

Until God opens our understanding the bible remains a closed book to us. And try as we might His Word will stay locked to us until we make a commitment to Him and let Him infill us with the Holy Spirit; then, and only then is our understanding opened that we might comprehend the Scriptures.

God does not trust just anyone with the responsibility of carrying out His wishes without our first understanding what His desires are for mankind. We can repeat what other people say, but that is not understanding; that is hearsay. First hand knowledge comes only from the source and unless we have firsthand knowledge of God’s desires we come across as unbelievable and not as a qualified witness. We often hear people say, “You cannot identify with the problems of another person unless you have walked in their shoes.” That is true and another way of saying what Jesus just said in Luke 24:45. If we have not experienced the same kind of problem another person is going through we cannot tell them, we understand how they feel. First of all, we do not understand the depths of their pain, and second, they know we do not understand. That is the way it is with God’s Word; we cannot identify with Jesus and what He experienced unless He first opens our understanding that we might comprehend God’s plan for mankind.

Once a persons understanding has been opened, then revelation of God’s Word can enter, faith immediately follows, and our life takes on a new dimension; and this new comprehension of God’s will begins with the new birth experience. We can know we are lost and call upon God to save us without the new birth experience, but we cannot know the depths of our sin and how much it hurts the Father until we are born again and the Holy Spirit opens our understanding and shows us the results of that sin. DThrash


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