Do Whatever He Tells You To Do

In John chapter 2, Jesus, His mother, and some of His disciples, are attending a wedding feast in honor of some friends. Half way through the wedding feast the couple ran out of wine for the guest. This was an embarrassing situation for this newly wed couple, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, decided to get involved. She went to Jesus and said to Him, “They have no wine.” A simple statement, but straight to the point. Jesus, said to her, “Woman, what concern is that of mine? My time has not yet come.” Mary didn’t respond to what Jesus said to her, but rather turned to the servants in attendance and said, “Do whatever He tells you to do.”¬†As we can see from Mary’s statements she didn’t beat around the bush when solving problems. She went straight to the One who could meet the need. And how smart would we be if we followed Mary’s lead and took all of our problem to Jesus and then do whatever He tells us to do. When the servants did what Jesus instructed them to do, the newly married couple received the wine they so badly needed to keep their guest happy. When we do what Jesus instructs us to do in the Scriptures, we, too, will receive our needs met, so that we remain happy. Do you see the picture? We have to make our request known to the Lord just as Mary did, and we will have to follow His instructions just like the servants did, and when these two things happen in this order, Jesus will make our miracle happen just as He did for the newly weds in this story.

God is not a respecter of persons. He loves all of us the same and what He did for one, He will do for all. However, He can only meet our needs if we will take our problems to Him and then do whatever He tells us to do. That seems pretty simple to me since He is the only One who can meet our needs above and beyond what we are expecting and not charge us an arm and a leg for His services. I know you already know the difference between men meeting our needs and God meeting our needs is when you make an appointment with man usually between the hours of 8 and 4:30 you have to take your checkbook with you to the appointment. But God’s door is always open and He could care less if you forgot your checkbook because He doesn’t deal in cash, just love through our faith and obedience. DThrash


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