Life’s School of Hard Knocks

When we leave school at whatever level we stop we have a tendency to think our schooling is behind us, but unbeknownst to us, our education is really just getting started. When our parents financial aid is cut off and we are truly on our own; it doesn’t take long for us to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees like we thought it did when we were younger and had no money worry’s. When we try to live like we used to when mom and dad supplied our financial support, our life can become a struggle to stay ahead of the bill collector if we can’t live on the money we are earning. For many of us when we leave home we are so far in debt from the money we borrowed to finish college; it will be years before we get out of that pit. If we get married in the meantime; double the debt and triple the amount of money needed for the two of us to live on from month to month. This is hardly the blessed life we dreamed of when we were young. Early in life, we think we have a system to beat life and live on easy street, but for 99% of the people living in the most blessed country on earth that is not the way it turns out. If it doesn’t turn out that way for us in America; how much more difficult do you think it is for people living in other parts of the world?

Life is a battle that last 24 hours a day and goes on year round. If we don’t understand the rules that govern life and use those rules to benefit us in our ongoing battle to get ahead; we will succumb to the pressures of life. Some people are beat into submission early in life and those childhood dreams they once dreamed are soon forgotten. We were not created to live in survival mode. We were born to be kings, but not many people understand their role in life and even fewer of them understand who they were created to be. I wrote as a by-line to my blog, “Life is the classroom God uses to instruct His children in right living.” There is a right way to live and there is a wrong way to live. Are you on the right road or the wrong road? You probably have not thought about life itself being a classroom, but it is and how well we do in class determines whether we are blessed in life or not. If we fail courses in God’s classroom, we do not move on. God is not like our public school system where teachers move students along just so they don’t have to put up with them for another year. God does not teach theories, He teaches real life situations. Everything people learn in His classroom is through hands on training. If we are afraid to get our hands dirty doing our assignments, we can forget being promoted. We will keep retaking the same course along with all of its tests over and over again until we learn to do things the way God wants them done.

A good example of this is the desert experience of the Israelite’s after God delivered them from the power of Pharaoh and the Egyptian army. Once they left Egypt behind; they became His students and entered His classroom (the desert) where He would give them everything they needed to pass all of His test. They didn’t fare very well in this department even though He supplied everything they would need to pass His tests. They would spend the next 40 years in the desert because they complained about everything. They did not understand this was the land God had chosen to teach them how to be obedient to Him and to trust Him. Their promise land was less than a two week walk, but to inherit the promise land they had to pass two tests. They had to learn to obey God and they had to learn to trust Him. They failed both tests. This desert wasteland where their classroom was located was not the best God had in store for His children, but that is all they would allow Him to give them. God wanted to give them houses they did not build, fortified cities to occupy, farms with crops ready to be harvested, cattle, sheep, mines from which they could dig their wealth, rivers and lakes, and soil that grew fruit so big it took two men to carry one cluster of grapes. That is what God wanted to give them, but the Israelite’s would not obey the Lord, neither would they submit to Him; they settled for bread and water in a dry desolate place instead of steak and eggs in a warm house. They didn’t have to live that way. Their desert classroom became their place of their torment. They chose to live among the scorpions and poisonous snakes. They chose to live in the desert rather than let God teach them how to be the light of the world He planned for them to become once they were in their promise land.

We have the same opportunity before us today. We can go through the school of hard-knocks, live a life of never enough and die a worse death, or we can graduate from God’s school and reap the best He has for us. We can choose to live in the dry desolate places of life where debt, sickness, mental problems, addictions, and every other malady known to man reigns supreme. We don’t have to live that life, but that is the life many people choose for themselves. Being sick, broke and disgusted with life is not the best God has for us. He still intends for us to be the light of the world pointing people to Jesus once we understand who we were created to be. I have lived in the wasteland of life and I didn’t like it very much. One day I wised up and realized nothing was going to change in my life unless I was willing to change. When I was willing to change my situation, God found me and cleaned me up; and now I’m going for the promises and let God take care of me because that is His plan for my life. Won’t you come with me? Let us pursue God’s promises together. DThrash


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