Each One Shall Bear His Own Load

The Apostle Paul said in Galatians 6:4-5, “Let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. For each one shall bear his own load.” What exactly is Paul talking about in these two scriptures? First of all, Paul is not talking about us carrying a physical load; he is talking about carrying a spiritual burden. We know how heavy a physical burden can weight and how much physical weight we can carry without hurting ourselves. So Paul isn’t talking about carrying a physical load; He is talking about examining our life by the decisions we have made. If we make a decision without examining the idea from all sides that is not wise. So before we make any decision there are two questions we need to ask ourselves. (1.) What is the best possible outcome for me and those who will be affected by my decision and (2.) what is the worse possible outcome for making a bad decision and how will it affect other people? Since we all have families, employees, employers, co-workers, friends, etc., some if not all of them will be affected by the decisions we make. So it is important we think a thing through before making a decision. If we do not examine our ideas from all sides before we make a decision; we are asking for trouble and the consequences for making a bad decision is the load or burden we take on for not thinking the thing through. If we think about all possible outcomes of a decision before we make it, chances are we will make the right decision.

If we examine our spiritual life we will find out whether or not the burdens we carry are worth it or not. As there are only two spiritual forces at work in this world; one of them influences our decisions more than the other. One adds burdens to us through our lack of decision making skills, and the other removes our burdens through the good decisions we make. We have all seen people who are so weighed down with problems they look like they are ready to fall over? If you look closely you can see the weight of the burdens they are carrying reflected in their eyes, their facial expressions and their physical demeanor, and more so in the words they speak. I doubt seriously if anyone ever told them someone wants to remove the burdens they are carrying. That person is the Son of God who came to remove our sin burden. And every burden we carry in life is because of sin in our life, except the burden for lost souls. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” But instead of giving our burdens to Jesus like He told us to, we continue to struggle under the weight of them. I have heard people preach their broken bodies and broken finances and broken minds somehow brings glory to God through their suffering. What their burdens really reflect is their lack of understanding of what Christ died for and are telling the world that God did not do enough when He gave the life of His own Son for our sins. And what they are saying to God is the burdens they carry reflect their lack of understanding of why Christ came and why He died the death He did. They do not understand that everything Christ did, He did to make our life easier; not harder.

Think about this… When the Israelite’s were in Egypt they were slaves were they not. When God delivered them, they were free men. They were no longer the property of Pharaoh; they now belonged to God and He became their provider, their protector, their Savior, and whatever else the Israelite’s needed Him to be. His role in the lives of Christians today is the same as it was in the lives of the Israelite’s back then. We no longer have to answer to Satan just like the Israelite’s did not have to answer to Pharaoh after God delivered them from Egypt. So stop thinking the devil still has any influence in your life. God delivered us from Satan and set us free. If we are born again, we are free men. So let us live like free men and stop thinking we must endure the hardship of Satan’s burdens. Sin brings about death and all the things associated with death contributes to that death. But we are not subject to those things that contribute to death because Jesus died that we might live free of them. Sin, sickness, disease, and poverty does not have power over the Christian because they are not of God. Stop letting Satan put these things on you. Those things were methods Satan used to control us when we were his slaves, but now those things no longer have power over us because we do not belong to Satan. If we are born again, we are the property of God, and sin, sickness, and disease, and poverty are not part of our inheritance. Our inheritance includes, good health, prosperity, a sound mind and every other thing that promotes our well being. John 10:10 That is what brings glory to our heavenly Father. That is what Christ died for. So give Jesus your burdens, lighten your load, and enjoy the life Christ died to give to us. Then  live every day rejoicing in the fact that this is the life God meant for us to live as free men. DThrash


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