The Difficult Journey

Were you told after being born again that your life was going to be pie and ice cream the rest of the way? If it wasn’t, it was because you were in sin. Job’s friends told him the same thing. Job disputed their claim and he had a right to. His friends did not know what Job was going through and neither do our friends.

My wife, my daughter and I, watched “The Nativity” last night, and Mary’s life got very difficult after she accepted God’s plan to bear His Son. Before that time her life was a simple life. Get up, do her work, go to bed. And repeat the same sequence of events the next day. Everyone liked Mary and Joseph loved her enough to ask her to marry him. However, just as soon as God put His plan for her into action, she lost most of her friends who thought she had an adulterous affair, her parents did not believe her, and she almost lost Joseph until Joseph had a dream one night and the angel of God explained to him what was going on in Mary’s life.

Not only did Mary have to contend with the disappointment of her family and the loss of her friends, she was ridiculed and almost stoned by the leadership of the church she attended. A lesser person might have faltered and wondered, why me? but not this fourteen year old girl. She readily accepted the difficulty, faced it head on, did all that God asked of her, and remained steady thereafter bearing the shame, and brought the Son of God into the world. She not only had to face her family, friends, and church leadership, but a hundred mile journey to Bethlehem from Nazareth over some of the roughest country in Israel while being eight months pregnant, riding on a donkey, and being turned away from the safest place to stay in Bethlehem to give birth to God’s Son in a stable for animals.

Talk about a child having it rough. Do you think you could you have handled these events as well as Mary, a fourteen year old girl did? We might, if we knew that God would not abandon us during this trying time. Mary understood God was in control of everything that was taking place in her life and no matter how difficult things had become for her, He was working thing out so He would receive the glory. Mary was following God’s plan for her life and she did not disappoint Him. She passed His tests with flying colors. How do I know this is true? Mary was instrumental in bringing to pass the very first miracle Jesus performed. Mary, Jesus, and some of His disciples were at a wedding feast of some friends and the couple ran out of wine. Mary said to the servants in attendance, “Whatever He (Jesus) tells you to do, do it.” That single sentence tells me Mary completely trusted in the Lord, and it really didn’t matter what may come her way, her faith in God was unshakeable. She proved it time and again. She lost her husband Joseph, watched her son take a beating because He went about doing good, watched as He was crucified and killed alongside a thief and a murderer; and through it all she remained faithful to God, and was one of the first people to see the Lord after His resurrection.

After Mary said yes to God, her life did not become easier, it became very difficult, but at the same time, very rewarding. It wasn’t all pie and ice cream for Mary even though she was the mother of God’s Son. And it’s a good bet our life has become more difficult after we committed ourselves to the Lord. If it hasn’t, we really need to check our committment level. But, if we are like Mary and accept our difficult journey as just being part of our walk with God; our faith and our trust in Him will know no bounds. DThrash



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