Merry Christmas

Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise God! Not many people were present that first Christmas; just some lowly shepherds who smelled like the sheep they cared for and three rich wise men who were foreigners. His mother and Joseph over a months time had traversed a hundred miles of rough country on their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem only to be turned away from a place of safety, forcing Mary to give birth to our King in a stable full of animals. Our Savior wasn’t appreciated then by the people He came to set free from their slave master, Satan; and He isn’t appreciated today by those same people who operate our world of commercialism. Herod wanted to kill the Son of God back then and commercialism desires to push Him out of Christmas today. Herod wanted Him eliminated because he felt his kingship was threatened and commercialism wants Him eliminated because He is competition for Santa Claus whom they developed to sell their wares because Jesus doesn’t turn enough profit.

Each of us must make a decision whom we will serve. Will we serve Christ as His servant, or will we join forces with the Herod’s of this world who feel threatened by the King, or businesses who make hugh profits off of Santa Claus this time of year? Either we are for Christ and the Mass we serve in His honor on this day, or we are against Him and are pursuing the profits we can make off of an idol we have deified using the birth of Christ as a smoke screen to cover our greed. DThrash


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