Anti-Christ Automaker

When a business removes God’s representative from their workplace, they are removing the blessings of God from falling on their business. To help you understand where I am coming from with this thought… God is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one person He will do for all and that includes businesses… in the book of Genesis, after Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, he was purchased by an influential person and that man’s business exploded with blessings sent from God. When Joseph was removed from prison wardens house and placed in a prison cell, God went into that prison cell with him and blessed the prisoners who were imprisoned there. Later, Pharaoh removed Joseph from that prison cell and placed him in the second highest office in Egypt. Pharaoh wasn’t a dummy; he recognized God’s blessing was upon Joseph and he needed God’s blessings to touch all of Egypt. And God blessed Egypt because Pharaoh blessed Joseph.

The person or persons who removed God’s representative from the Bentley workforce have no clue what they have done just like and our elected officials who removed God from our schools didn’t have a clue what they were doing to our public schools. When God’s representative is removed, they remove God, and when they remove God, they remove His blessings. Let us see what happens to Bentley’s sales in the future. We already know what is happening in our public schools since politicians no longer wanted God’s presence in them. DThrash


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