The Day After Christmas

Here in my part of southern Illinois we didn’t get any snow on Christmas Day , but that was yesterday. Today is the day after Christmas and we have about 5 or six inches of that wonderful white stuff on the ground and it’s getting deeper. The snow is coming down in big wet snow flakes about the size of a half dollar coin. We could have as much as 10 inches of snow on the ground by the time it stops falling some time around 6 pm this evening according to the Weather Channel.

One of my employees lived in Arizona for almost two decades before he moved back to Illinois and if he wanted to see snow in Arizona he had to go to the mountains around Flagstaff. I think that boy is snow starved. Every year he tells me, “I like snow, and I would like to see a lot of it.” Well, we got the snow, but where is he? In sunny Florida on Christmas vacation and by the time he gets back on January 7th, the snow will have been long gone. Dang it. Why couldn’t I have been the one in Florida and he in Illinois scooping all this wonderful white stuff he loves so much? LOL. I guess the reason I’m here and he’s there is I don’t have any family in Florida and he does. Anybody from any country that lives in a warm weather climate want to adopt a boy from Illinois for the winter months? I eat about anything and not a complainer, easy to get along with, and love to sight see. If you are interested just call 555-1234 and we will work out the arrangements. Until then, I have my snow shovel in hand and a prayer on my lips ready to assist all those people who have to drive in this stuff. DThrash


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