The Killer Lives Inside Us (Part One)

There is a lot of talk going around these days about banning guns for the ordinary citizens because of some events that have happened recently that have garnered a lot of head lines in the national and local news. One group of people wants to ban guns for everyone, the other side wants to keep their guns. Who is right?  One group blames the gun manufacturers and the National Rifle Association calling them killers because of these outburst of criminal offenses. I want you to notice the word ‘criminal’ in my last sentence. Law abiding folks don’t go around killing people. Killers and people who use dangerous instruments irresponsibly kill people. Therefore, if the media wants to go after someone, they should focus their attention on the criminal element and irresponsible people who take the lives of ordinary people and not the gun manufacturers or an association who advocates gun safety.

Guns are nothing more than instruments designed for hunting and to make a person feel secure in their own home. After all the elected officials who are calling for this gun ban use security personnel who are trained by the NRA and who carry guns to protect them and their children. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. If our elected officials have the right to be protected by gun carrying security personnel; why do they think the ordinary citizen should not have the same right to bear arms for the same reason?

Cars kill more people each year than guns do and it doesn’t matter if the driver was driving a light weight smart car or a million dollar high performance sports car. Will we ban cars? No, why not? Cars like guns can be a dangerous instrument if not handled responsibly. Alcohol and drugs kill more people each year than guns do. Do we make the consumption of alcohol illegal? No. Why Not? Texting and talking on cell phones while driving kills more people each year than guns do. Will we ban cell phones usage because negligent drivers text and talk on the cell phone while driving? No, why not.

The killer lives inside us. If a person determines they are going to take a life, a gun will do the job, so will an automobile. If a person gets drunk or gets high on drugs and gets behind the wheel of a car, that car becomes a dangerous weapon just as much so as a gun in the hand of a fool is dangerous because of the increased chances of them killing someone. Is there a difference between a drunk fool behind the wheel of a two thousand pound car, and an irresponsible fool with a gun in his hand? No. They are both a danger to society. Most people who kill, do not intend to kill the other person or persons, but they do nevertheless. A life lost is gone from this earth and their family forever whether they were killed intentionally or accidentally. Do we ban alcohol, cars, phones, guns, drugs, or anything else a person has access to that might kill someone?  No, why not? Because its ridiculous, that’s why. People die every day. Some of them die young, some old, some accidentally, some naturally, and some will be killed, but everyone is going to die at some point in time. Does that make life more bearable for those left behind? No, it doesn’t. But the sad truth is, people do die in a lot of different ways and from a lot of different things.

Having said all that to state my case for gun owners; can someone please explain to me the rationale of gun haters who hate gun owners, but yet they will drive their cars while intoxicated, text and take phone calls, drive 70 or 80 mph through interstate traffic endangering the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, and have the audacity to be angry at people who own guns because guns makes people feel safer? There is no rationale! It seems to me it is always easier for people to point the finger at someone else and blame them for our problems than it is to accept responsibility for our own irresponsible behaviors. Is their a potential killer living inside of gun haters? Yes, there is. Just as much so as a potential killer lives inside a gun owner. Any instrument people use for good can become a dangerous weapon in the hands of irresponsible people. DThrash


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