The Killer Lives Inside Us (Part Two)

I read an opinion by a newspaper editor yesterday that stated guns were made for killing. I thought, no, guns are made for shooting just like an automobile is made for driving. The editor stated that you cannot compare guns and automobiles because that is like comparing apples to oranges. I thought, that’s silly. Guns in the hand of an irresponsible person becomes a dangerous weapon just like a car with a maniac behind the wheel becomes a dangerous weapon. What is the difference between the two? Both of them in the hands of a fool are a danger to society. Should we ban both the gun and the car because if they fall into the hands of the wrong person they can kill someone? What is the common denominator in both of these examples? A human being.

A responsible person handles both the gun and the car with equal care because they don’t want to hurt anyone. An irresponsible person can use either of them to kill. People used all kinds of objects as weapons to kill people. Do we ban everything from guns to thread and all things in between? No. That is not the answer since people are the common denominator in the killing of other people. It is people who kill. The gun or automobile or any other object is just the instrument a person uses to do the killing. The killer lives inside of us and the people that die are killed in our heart a long time before the event is carried out.

Do not think the number of killings in America will go down because guns are removed from the homes of honest hardworking people. They won’t, if anything, they will increase because the killer now does not have to fear overcoming any type of protection that may have been present before. Look at what is happening in the country to our south where weapons are banned. Who has weapons in that country besides the police and military? The criminal element who use them to kill and to create fear among the law abiding citizens which forces many of them to leave their homeland and cross borders illegally to escape the death lying in wait for them at the hands of the criminal element. Is that what we want in this country? Where the only people who have guns is the bad guys. Right is might and good trumps evil when good is allowed to live free. On the other hand, all good has to do for evil to triumph is take the power out of the hand of the good people and evil and chaos will reign. DThrash


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