It’s a New Year

2012 closed out about 9 and a 1/2 hours ago and is gone forever. The mistakes we made during 2012 will come forward into the new year with us if we didn’t take the time to correct them. Along with the arrival of 2013 comes a new year chocked full of new experiences. I have hopes of what I would like to see take place in my life this year just like everyone else. But this I know, as I walk through this year with the Lord, everyday will be a blessed day regardless of what I may face that day. The worst day I have experienced in the Lord is far better than any day I had without Him at the helm.

I lived as a sinner for half of my life, but one day I realized the life I had been living was nothing more than a vain attempt to find my purpose for being and I had failed miserably in that respect. That was the day my eyes were opened and I truly realized for the first time there had to be more to life than just getting up in the morning and going through the same routine day after day. My thoughts were, if that was all there was to life, life really wasn’t all that great. That was the day God stepped into my life and changed everything. He offered me a new life and an opportunity to discover my purpose for being and when I accepted His offer, I discovered my reason for being born. Now I look forward to getting up in the morning because I never know what that day may hold for me. Every day is a new experience. Let me list a couple of examples of what I am talking about. Watching the life of another person being transformed by God before our very eyes is the most exciting thing a person can experience. Seeing a person pass from death unto life is breathtaking. Knowing where a person has been in life and what sin did to them being transformed by God into a person with a future is the single greatest event a person will ever be witness to, and getting to experience those events time and time again throughout the year is like being reborn over and over.

God has a new life for each of us, but we will not find it in the routine mundane things a person does every day. My new life began with a desire for change and a request. God did not disappoint me. If a person desires a new life and are willing to do whatever he must to receive it, God tells us, “I will be found when you search for Me with all of your heart.” He also tells us, “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” You will know when He has found you in much the same way a drowning person knows they were saved from drowning by someone who risked losing their life to save them. You will never have a doubt you passed from death to life when you meet God on His terms. He will lay out before you your reason and purpose for being as clearly as reading the words on this screen. When it happens, grab it and run with it. You will wonder no more if your life has purpose and meaning. No sir, God is the only hope you have in this life of finding the true meaning of life. Attach yourself to Him and His life will flow through you becoming more real to you than the air you breath. Without Him there is no life, only living in a fearful expectation of death and separation from all we truly desire. DThrash


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