Future All American at age 15.

Things do not always come easy for a person, but with perseverance a person can accomplish a great deal. As a high school player no college wanted my daughter except for the local junior college where she collected her first All American award. She had a few more offers upon completion of junior college and moved on to play ball at the next level where she attained first team All American status. She was a hard worker and a quick learner and hit the ball a ton which made it easy for me to assist her with her training and practice regimen. By age 15 she was throwing the ball so hard I had to give up catching her because when I missed her drop ball and it hit me, I not only got bruised, but lost skin in the process. I learned at that time I didn’t heal as fast as I did when I was a young man. She has since graduated college, received her masters degree in ministerial studies, assist me in the church I pastor, and plays men’s league slow pitch softball in her free time. She still has fun, throws the ball hard, and hits the ball a ton.  I enjoy watching her and my son play who just so happened to have played on the B&J Logging team that was the 2011 NSA B Division World Champions of slow pitch softball. When time permits they play co-ed slow pitch together and my wife and I get to sit back and double our pleasure. DThrash



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