God, Gun Control, and Mental Illness

Gun control is a hot topic right now and it seems to me everyone has an opinion concerning guns; God not so much. I am not so concerned about people owning guns, but I am about the word “control’. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word ‘control’ as: To exercise authority or dominating influence over; to direct; to regulate.

‘To exercise authority or dominating influence over’ are words that bother me. We are talking about elected officials skirting the U.S. Constitution written by far smarter men than what we have working in Washington today. Elected officials, who themselves are protected by the very objects they wish to take away from everyone else. You have all heard the old saying that goes something like this, “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.” So if it is okay for our elected officials to be protected by guns, the people should have the same right. Who do our elected officials desire to be protected from? The very same type of people the citizens want to be protected from. And what makes our elected officials more special than the people who elected them to office? Nothing. They were elected to serve the people. Therefore, they are servants of the people, not lords over the people. Who is more important; the servant or who they are employed by? Their employer of course. Why is the employer more important than the servant? Because their employer is the one who designs their benefit package and signs their pay check. But somehow the people have allowed the servant to turn the table on them and now the servant is telling the employer what they are going to do, and sets their own benefit packages and pay rates.

Our constitution begins with the words, “We the People…” because the writers included themselves as being a member of the people; not someone over the people. No one is over the people, but God alone. When man sits on the throne, tyranny soon follows and many people get hurt because man does not have answers for his problems. Lordship is God’s department; obediently serving is the job of men. God used the hands of wise men to craft our constitution and based it upon what is just and fair for all the people. But God’s fairness does not sit well with power hungry servants who desire to be lords instead of fulfilling their roles as servants.

This gun control debate is not about guns or protecting people. It never has been even though the politicians make it sound that way. They recognize our society is sick and growing sicker by the year and they do not know how to cure it. So they write rules for the people to live by while exempting themselves from the same. What they fail to understand is that when the body is sick, it affects our head which affects our thinking, and the head of America is Washington D.C. The politicians are right about one thing and that is we have a mental health problem in America. The conscious of America is sick and diseased. And disease by design spreads throughout the body until it affects every organ in the body, therefore because of this characteristic of disease our sickness is becoming pandemic in proportion and affecting the general population of the world. And you know what uncontrolled sickness does to a body. One diseased organ will attack a healthy organ until both or all of the organs in the body are so diseased and weak from fighting one another that they can no longer support life and the body dies. America and the world is on a downward course spiraling out of control. We no longer know what is good and what isn’t. What is right and what is wrong. That kind of thinking only happens when a mind is sick and doesn’t know how to respond in a responsible way. The laws we are writing today are nothing more than man’s feeble attempt to cure the problems this country is experiencing. We cannot cure our problems by removing the rights of the people because we are the cause of our problems and we don’t follow instructions very well, but God has a cure for all of America’s problems. If we get God back in the country and involved in our government; He will heal our land. Psalm 33:12 DThrash


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