Women Preachers

I know many men do not think women should be up front in the church preaching and teaching the congregation Godly principles to live by. To me that is bunk. If a person is qualified to fulfill that role in the church; more power to them. After all, we trust them to teach our children everything from the facts of life to respect for others, do we not? If they are qualified to teach our children who are our most prized possessions, they are certainly qualified to teach those same principles to anyone willing to listen. They are intelligent creatures full of knowledge and wisdom, life and love, and can teach us how to be gentle and kind when we want to strike out and hurt someone. They are observant, hard working individuals who care about the small things in life that are important to many, more so than men. I only read the headlines printed in bold, my wife reads the details and between the two of us we get the whole story. I only want to know what happened and how to fix it, so I read the headlines. She reads the details to learn why it happened and what could have been done to prevent it from happening. And after twenty-nine years of marriage, I have learned it takes this kind of cooperation between the two of us to make everything work smoothly. It works for us because we have two very distinct personalities. I am laid back and easy going, hard to rile; while she wants to tackle everything head on right now. There is opportunity there for a stalemate if we don’t work things out, so we have learned it takes that kind of cooperation between the two of us to have a balanced marriage, family, business, church, and everything else we are involved in.

Men are the head of the household and the responsible party for all major decisions married people have to make, but there wouldn’t be a household to be the head of without the wife being present to see that everything in the home runs smoothly. Women want to help wherever they can in whatever way they can; men all too often want only the credit when the job is done. A woman can be a CEO of a large corporation, come home and be the chief cook and bottle washer for the family, but men have a problem with going from being a CEO to housecleaning and a diaper changer. Men do not adapt very well to role changes whereas these things come naturally to a woman. Men have a one track mind and do not like to be pulled off of one thing to start another before the first one is complete. Women are natural born multi-taskers. They have to be because when there are children in the home, they have to meet the needs of the children while busying themselves making sure everything else gets done as well. A home does not function very well unless there is a woman present who can move between different jobs at a moments notice and still make sure everything is completed and done right by the end of the day. My hat is off to them; they deserve all the respect they get. And if men were really honest about things and gave credit where credit is due, the wife’s name would come up more often than then man’s. I heard an old saying that behind every good man there is a woman supporting him to keep him balanced. I have also learned a man alone is a lonely creature, but when that man takes a wife he is no longer alone, but much strengthened. And when there is a mutual respect for one another; nothing can tear them apart, but themselves. If women can fulfill all these roles in the life of a man and the home, why do we not think they can teach us from the pulpit? Again I say, “It is bunk!”

My wife has a bible teaching degree from a well respected school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and my daughter who will be speaking to our congregation today is an excellent speaker, full of experience and knowledge, and has a Master’s Degree in Applied Christianity from Pillsbury College and Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. If you don’t know what Applied Christianity is, let me tell you. It was a year long hands on training program on the streets of St. Louis ministering to the needs of people from very poor neighborhoods in the worst parts of the city; street witnessing, helping feed and clothe the homeless, the fatherless, learning how to run a ministry in every capacity from televising live church services to making copies of the same for distribution, from camera operator to cleaning bathrooms, from assisting the senior Pastor’s wife run thirty some different outreaches to sitting in a classroom taking classes while bullets ricocheted off their buildings at night while they slept. Experience is a great teacher, and as far as I am concerned, she not only has a special gift and the experience that accompanies it, she has earned the right to be a minister of the gospel and speak to people about her Christian values and how they apply to our Christian beliefs. DThrash



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