Pass/Fail Courses in Reality

Life is one long road trip with a pit stop here and there. The pit stop is only there to refresh our strength and get us ready for the next leg of our journey. This is important for us to understand because every so often we will encounter a life problem that must be dealt with immediately. If we refuse to deal with the problem when it arises it soon becomes a mountain that has to be overcome before we can proceed on our journey. Most all of our problems in life begin small, but with each day they are put off they grow until we will need something more powerful than ourselves to remove them.

Envision a road trip and unexpected car troubles leaves you stranded on the side of the road. At this point a decision has to be made. Due to the time and expense factor of repairing the automobile, do you turn back or continue on? Were you prepared for such an event should it happen? In life as well as when we are traveling, every possibility has to be considered before we begin our journey. If we do not consider such an event could happen to us and have not allowed for the necessary time for the repairs to be completed, we have not fully prepared ourselves for the journey. In the event a problem arises do we mark our situation up to bad luck, or to our lack of preparation? I hope it is to our lack of preparation. Our ‘stranded on the side of the road’ life emergency does not constitute an emergency on the part of any other party that becomes involved. So it is important for us to be prepared for such an event the best we know how, however, we cannot ever be fully prepared for every scenario that could happen. Our part is to plan accordingly before we begin on our journey. That is what Jesus was talking about in the parable ‘Counting the cost’. We are to count the cost before we begin building a new structure, or going to war. We are to be fully prepared to stand as long as it takes to see our building project completed or the war come to a satisfactory conclusion. These types of problems we will face at some point in time and are what I call, “Pass/fail courses in reality” because we cannot begin the next leg of our life journey until we overcome the present life problem we are encountering.

Our Life on earth is the classroom God has chosen to instruct His children in right living. If we do not pass or overcome our life test when we are confronted by them, they will keep presenting themselves to us until we either pass them or give up. And as you know, quitters never win, and winners never quit. If we give up on a problem we are training ourselves to quit when the going gets tough. And each problem after that grows harder to overcome because we have taught ourselves the art of quitting. God’s children are not quitters. His classroom is not like the classrooms in our public school system where a student gets passed along whether or not they know or understand the material. In God’s classroom no one is promoted to the next level until they pass the test before them. Before promotion comes tests and before faith comes doubt. It is when we learn tests and doubt are nothing more than growth opportunities for advancement that we learn to solve our most enduring life problems. If we do not study the course material before us, we cannot expect to pass the test when it is given.

Our life as you know from experience is one long series of tests. Each one getting progressively more difficult to pass. That is how God has set up the life of mankind. If we learn the material presented to us and use it to our advantage, we are moved on to the next faith level. The bible teaches we go from faith to faith and victory to victory. If we do not study the material as it is presented to us, we can expect to keep retaking the same test over and over again. If we fail the test, we can’t blame the teacher or God, they are doing their job. We are the ones who refuse to fulfill our obligations in the classroom; not them. And when a person does not study for an upcoming test, they are setting themselves up to fail. No one likes to fail, either in life or in the classroom, but many people do. Why? because they allow themselves to be distracted by what is going on around them, not realizing the study material they are ignoring will one day defeat them. Ignorance of this truth isn’t a blessing to the easily distracted, it’s a curse that destroys the life we intended to live and the dream of who we would become when we were a child.

If we will study life’s problems from the information God has given us in the Holy Scriptures, we not only will pass the test before us, we will conquer the problem once and for all. God plans for all of His children to pass His test and move on to becoming ‘more than conquerors’ in life. If we do not attain the goals in life He has set for us; we not only let Him down, we let ourselves down and those who would have benefited from our knowledge and experience had we not learned the art of quitting so well. God does not teach classes on failure. God cannot fail, and He does not expect us to fail either. He only knows how to succeed and He has shared His secrets of success with us in His holy Scriptures through which we are to learn ‘how to live a successful Christian Life and become a winner. If we are not presently living life as a winner and a conqueror; it’s time to change school systems and attend the life classes God teaches. Our present life and our eternal future depends on it! DThrash


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