When Good Becomes Evil and Evil Becomes Good

It’s hard to believe this is the same country I was born in sixty-six years ago. World War II had just ended and the veterans of that generation were called the ‘greatest generation’. Our present day thoughts of freedom are completely opposite of the ‘greatest generations’ ideology of freedom. When I was a teenager the Vietnam conflict began and our rebellious teenagers born a few years prior to and shortly after my birth and who found a way to stay out of the military were calling our fighting men and women, baby killers. Just a few short years later, those same people who called our fighting men baby killers were themselves killing their unborn children by the hundreds of thousands each year and over fifty millions unborn American babies have been murdered since then in the name of individual rights. I think it is noteworthy that the offspring of the baby killers of yesterday, not only kill their own children today, but many of them are pedophiles and child pornographers who prey on defenseless children just like their parents and grandparents of the two previous generations did before them. Many are sexual perverts without any type of sexual restraint or self-control while the nation downward spiral continues. There is no longer a thing called ‘common good’ in America. It is now what I think is best for me and my desires and anyone who disagrees with me is full of hate and deserves to be harshly punished for entertaining such thoughts. John F. Kennedy said at the beginning of this rebellion of absurdity, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” America has become a nation of people who look to government to support them and their unnatural desires in direct conflict with what John F. Kennedy proclaimed people should do in honor of their country.

Prayer was removed from our schools and bubble gum stuck on the underside of a school desk or an occasional fist fight is no longer the big infraction committed by school children. Praying school children have been replaced with children bringing guns to school to kill other children and gun manufacturers have become the governments scapegoat for these killings because our elected officials voted to remove prayer and God from our schools and they don’t have any answers to solve a problem of their own making.

There was a time in America when homosexuality was looked down upon because the bible said homosexuality is wrong. Today, homosexuality is being forced down the throats of all Americans by activists who have once again persuaded our lawmakers that anyone who speaks out against their deviant sexual preference is a hatemonger. So what was once good and made our country great is now evil spoken of, and what was once evil is now called good by the same people who called our fighting men baby killers. And those of us who are old enough to remember those days, are seeing the results of America’s downward progress that is affecting our morality, our spiritual beliefs, our economy, and our once stellar reputation as a country in which people hungered to live.

Today, truth is called evil and hateful and evil is being proclaimed as truth and loving. Nothing could be further from the truth. What was once the truth is still the truth and what was once evil is still evil and the two shall never change places except in the mind of man who desires to live by his base nature of sin. God had this to say about sin: “When sin abounds, grace abounds much more.” In other words, God tells us, there is enough grace in the earth to counter any and all sinful activity and when the time comes to settle up, those who pursue evil will perish with their evil. Evil cannot win, has never won, and will never win. History reveals to us that every evil nation that has arisen on the world scene; “Their evilness consumed them.” Evil nations are godless nations, and godless nations cannot long survive in a world where God’s grace abounds. Nations are made up of people and when the people of that nation are evil, God removes His grace and the nation perishes. That’s the way it is. God is in control. He has always been in control, and He will always be in control. Evil and the people who practice it cannot trump good. In the end, Good will prevail over evil just as it always has.

I said this before and it bears repeating; The world has three phases it must pass through before the end will come. Phase one was the rejection of the Father, phase two, the rejection of the Son, we are presently in phase three where the Holy Spirit is being rejected, and when the rejection of the Godhead is complete, the end will come. God’s grace will prevail and good will triumph; evil will be bound up neatly with a decorative bow attached and thrown into the Lake of Fire which will never cease to burn. DThrash


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