Increase our Faith

In Luke 17:5 the disciples of Jesus asked Him to, “Increase Our Faith.” In the next verse Jesus said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea, and it would obey you.” And in the next few verses He tells them the story of a Master and his servant. Explaining to them, once the servant has received his instructions, he will carry out those instructions until he has completed the assigned task. When the assigned task has been completed, he returns to his masters house where he remains on duty until the Master releases him.

What does a story about a Mulberry Tree moving from here to there, and a Master and his servant have to do with the request of His disciples to increase their faith? The point Jesus is making is this: No matter how small our faith may be, it is still big enough to remove the biggest mountain in our life. So His disciples didn’t need more faith; they just needed to use the faith they already had. And to that He added, His church of which they were the founding members is the master in the story, and the faith they were seeking was their servant, a servant who is always ready to do for God’s children whatever we command it to do.

What then prevents God’s church from being the master of earth?
God told the Israelite’s in Hosea 4:6, ‘they were being destroyed because of a ‘lack of knowledge’. Remember when God is talking to the Israelite’s in the bible, He is talking to His people. What applied to the northern Israelite’s then, applies to His people today. This leads me to ask this question… What knowledge were the northern Israelite’s lacking? They lacked the knowledge of knowing who God is, who they were, and what their obligations were toward their heavenly Father. They had not listened to any of the prophets God had sent to them before Hosea, and they did not listen to Him either, and just a few short years later the Assyrian army came and took them captive and scattered them around the world never to be heard from again.

Today, America is tottering on the brink of disaster for the same reason as the northern Israelite’s were back then. We are lacking in understanding of who God is, and what His expectations are for this country He has blessed so mightily; but we have turned our back to Him and refuse to hear the words of His preachers warning us of the pending consequences of our actions. God tells us very plainly in Hosea, what His people do not understand can and will allow them to be destroyed. God didn’t want to see northern Israel taken captive by their enemies and scattered around the world and neither does He want to see America fall. But if we will not listen to sound instruction, we will disappear from the face of the earth the same as northern Israel did back then. God could not help the northern Israelite’s because they were not willing to listen to sound advice and if we in America continue on the course we are on, He will not be able to help us either for the same reason.

What God’s present day church does not understand, but Jesus is telling us in Luke 17 is that the enemy does not have the power to defeat those who know who they are in-Christ. It is time for the church to rise up and change America’s destination if we want to continue as a nation. If we do not rise up, we will go the way of northern Israel. Only God knows where the northern Israelite’s of that time are today, and no one will know the whereabouts of America either. The intent of the enemies of northern Israel was to remove them from the face of the earth, and the enemies of America have the same plan. Satan was the enemy of northern Israel back then, and He is the enemy of America today. He is not for us. He is against us. He is against anyone that ever claimed to have a relationship with God almighty. But be that as it may, all hope is not gone.

Jesus told Pilate the Roman military commander in Jerusalem on the day of His crucifixion, “You have no power at all against Me. The power you have has been granted to you from above.” John 19:11 In other words, Jesus told Pilate, “I’m in control of my life, not you.” The time, place and date for the crucifixion of Jesus was set by God; and there wasn’t anything Pilate, the Priest, or anyone else could do to stop it, or make it come to pass. They were never in control of anything concerning the Christ or His church. The Romans, the Priest, all played a role in bringing God’s plan for the salvation of man to fruition, but the crucifixion and the death of Jesus was God’s plan. Are you with me? God is in control of His church and He has given us the mighty name of Jesus to use so we can control our life and the outcome of it. The only power Satan has over a Christian is what the Christian lets him steal from him. Do you understand? The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 8:31, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”  That means because God is for us, ‘We are the master!’ Satan is nothing more than a rebellious angel of whom we have power over. Hebrews 1:14 That’s all Satan will ever be. Nothing more and nothing less. He is a defeated foe worthy only of his pending fate.

God’s plan of redemption for mankind was a novel plan. Jesus didn’t come riding into Jerusalem on white charger, leading an army of angels to assume control of God’s Holy City as expected. Instead, He came as a baby, birthed in a stable, dressed in swaddling clothes with a cattle trough serving as His bed. He was God’s sacrificial lamb. He was born to die for the sins of man. Thus, God’s plan for the salvation of man was so far above the ability of man to comprehend it or understand it that His own people missed His coming altogether. Jesus came in behalf of man to close out one chapter and begin a new one, but His new policy could not go into effect unless there was a death of the testator born under the old. Jesus was the testator, therefore, for the plan of God to be fulfilled, Jesus had to die at the hand of man, but by the will of the Father. That was completed 2000 years ago. We now live in the Kingdom of God as Adam live in the Garden of Eden before his fall from grace. It may not look like it, and you may not believe it, but everything Adam enjoyed in the Garden before his fall was returned to us upon the death of Jesus Christ. As God told the Israelite’s through the mouth of His prophet, Hosea, it is our ‘lack of knowledge’ of the action taken by God that keeps His people under the thumb of Satan. As Jesus told His disciples in Luke 17, we don’t need more faith, we already have all the faith we will need to do the job God gave us. What we need to understand is who we are in the Kingdom of God and use what we already possess. This is only possible if you read your bible. Read your bible! You will be surprised by what God has done for you. DThrash


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