Remember Lot’s Wife

Jesus said to His disciples in Luke 17:32-33, “Remember Lot’s wife. Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.”

To get a better understanding of what Jesus is talking about in these scriptures, go to Geneses chapter 19:1-30, and read the story of Lot and his wife.

Now, let’s put ourselves in Lot’s shoes for just a moment and consider the situation Lot and his family found themselves in.

You have all night to think about what is about to happen.

Do you think you would have regrets?

How would you react to the two angels who came to your city one day, and said to you, “God is going to destroy this city in the morning; Escape for your lives! Or, Run for your lives!” Do not look behind you, nor stay anywhere in the plain.

You have to leave behind everything you value in life, including everyone you know who is not a family member, and ‘Run for your lives.’

Would you gladly embrace your unknown future?

Lot and his family are not the first people to have been told to leave one place and go somewhere they were unfamiliar with.

Before him there was Noah, and Abraham, and after him were the Israelites, the disciples of Jesus who was the beginning of the God’s Church, and lastly, we ourselves are included in this group.

Noah was told to build an ark and make preparations to leave behind everything he was familiar with because the thoughts of the people were evil continually, and God was going to destroy the whole earth by water. Genesis chapters 6 – 10.

Then there was Abraham whom God told to leave Ur and all that was familiar to him in Genesis chapter 12, and go to a land God would turn into a nation for his descendents to dwell in forever.

Then there was Lot who was told to leave Sodom and escape for his life.

Then there was the Israelite’s in the Book of Exodus who were in captivity in Egypt, and God sent a man named Moses to deliver them, and lead them to the land promised to Abraham centuries before.

Then there was the disciples of Jesus who upon His resurrection was instructed in Matthew 28 to “Leave their homeland and go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

And lastly, here we are today…  just like all those people before us who were called to leave one place and follow God into an unknown land, whom Jesus has told, ‘You must be born again’ (John 3:7) and separate yourselves from this evil and adulterous generation among whom you live (Matthew 16:14) if we want to escape the coming destruction that will cover the whole earth.

Jeremiah 4:7 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant. This is the Old Testament version of the end time destruction coming upon the earth.

And in the New Testament, Jesus said it like this in Matthew 24:22, “Unless the time was shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elects sake those days will be shortened.” Jesus is talking about the great tribulation period that is coming upon the earth.

We are much closer now to that end time destruction than when these scriptures were written.

And like Lot we should be fleeing for our lives to escape this time in the history of mankind.

Our thoughts should be focused on our preservation, our Salvation, rather than what we are leaving behind.

Nothing in this life is worth losing our soul for. This is what the angels were telling Lot and his family when they said to them, “Run for your life! Do not look back!” They were not losing anything in the destruction of Sodom that would not be replaced many times over.

Jesus said, “Any person who looks back into their old life and desires to return to it after having been delivered from it, will lose their life.” (My paraphrase of Luke 17;33)

 Every place God took Noah, Abram, Lot, the Israelite’s, the disciples of Jesus, and even ourselves was away from an evil place where the people worshiped foreign Gods.

And if those people God called to leave had attempted to bring any part of their old evil life with them, it would have contaminated the plan God had for blessing their future.

And it would have destroyed them just like Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt because she looked behind her and longed for the old life she had given up.

If it were not so, and those old ways were not evil and dangerous to our future the Lord has planned for us, Jesus would not have warned us to leave our past in the past.

Lot’s wife had a good life in Sodom despite the fact it was an evil place.

Her husband was a distinguished gentleman who sat with the city elders in the city gates which tells us his opinion was highly valued by the city fathers.

They lived in a nice home and had two young daughters about to be wed to two young men of Sodom.

We could even say, Lot and his family were living the high life; everything was going their way; until the two angels came to visit and warned them to escape the coming destruction that was going to rain down upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

The angels told Lot and his family in verse 17? “Run for your Life! Do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain.”

The angels ushered Lot and his family along by taking them by the hand and leading them outside the city of Sodom. It’s clear Lot and his family did not want to go, but at the persistence of the angels, they reluctantly did as the angels had instructed them,

but Lot’s wife was afraid to embrace her future in a new land without any of the creature comforts of her old home;

she disobeyed the instructions of the angels and looked back at what she had to leave behind, and it cost her – her life.

Are you with me? Your past is dead to you. Leave it in the past. Bury it, and move on!

Let me remind you once again what Jesus said in Luke 17:33,Whoever seeks to save his life (Hang on to their past) will lose it, and whoever loses his life (Moves forward with God) will preserve it.”

Brothers and sisters, We cannot embrace the future God has planned for us, if we will not let go of the past. DThrash


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