Do Not Be Afraid, Mary

Luke 1:30
Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”

Mary had been chosen by God to fulfill a specific mission for God.

God was asking her to bring His Son into the world, that through Him, the world might be saved.

Did Mary understand this was God’s plan for her life and He was personally guaranteeing her through the words of this angel that she would not fail in her mission because she had found favor with God?

I doubt it because she had questions that she needed answered before she said, “Yes.”

Do we understand, if we have favor with God we will not fail in our mission either?

To have favor with God means He is personally guaranteeing our success, just as He was guaranteeing the success of Mary’s mission.

Mary’s assigned mission was to bring the Son of God into the world, nurture and care for Him until he became a man and began His own ministry.

Our mission is to take the Word of God to the world and share Him with the hurting and dying people around us.

Mary’s mission was to care for one man.

Our mission is to care for many people,

but our mission is not more important than the mission Mary had been assigned.
Together, her mission and our mission will complete the work of God on earth.

God met all of Mary’s needs when she needed them to be met throughout her whole lifetime, and He will meet all of our needs when we need them to be met.

He will look out for us just like He did for Mary.

God did not assign Mary a mission with the intentions of making her carry it out alone, and He does not assign us a mission and leave us to carry it out by ourselves either.

Do you understand, we are the hands, feet and mouth of God on the earth today?

Do you realize we have been handpicked by God to carry His message of love to a lost and dying world?

And that this mission is too important for Him to leave it to amateurs to carry out alone.

It is impossible for us to successfully complete our mission if He does not assist us and support us in our efforts.

He knows we live in a fleshly body and cannot see our spiritual enemy who is aggressive and who uses unsuspecting people to carry out his evil fight against Him and His people.

Therefore, we have to understand that God assures us all along the way that we will not fail in our mission if we follow His instructions.

Mary may have been only fourteen years old when the angel visited her with his request from God, but she was mature enough in her beliefs that she knew, if God could get a virgin pregnant, He could take care of her and the child while she was raising Him.

Are we mature enough in our beliefs to understand that God gave us a mission to the world, and that He will meet all of our needs as they arise just like He did for Mary?

Mary didn’t need to see Gabriel all the time to know that God was with her throughout her ordeal,

and we don’t have to see the face of our spouse, family member or close friend to know that if we ever need them, they would be there in an instant to help us in whatever way they can.

And just because Mary couldn’t see God, did not keep her from understanding that He had personally guaranteed her He would never leave her no matter how difficult a position she would find herself in.

Before Jesus was born, Mary had to overcome tremendous obstacles beginning with shame and criticism from her church, family and friends.

She and Joseph had to traverse a hundred miles of rough terrain to reach Bethlehem where the child was to be born. Once there, because there was no room for them in the inn, she gave birth to the Son of God in a cattle stall instead of a clean bed; and a short time later, she and her small family would have to flee Bethlehem and go to Egypt to prevent the death of her child.

No, Mary’s life wasn’t easy; but she was not a complainer, and she did not back down from anything the devil could throw at her because she knew God was with her every minute of every day and every step of every mile she would cover throughout her life.

She understood that when the angel told her, “Do not be afraid, Mary.” That God was telling her, “If I be for you, who can be against you?”

She knew, despite the hardship, that whatever might come her way, God was in charge and He was going to bring her through it.

Do we understand just because our life becomes difficult at times that God has not departed from us? He never will…. and once we really understand that God has taken responsibility for our safe keeping, we will lose all fear of failing.

The things Mary had to face in life made her tough, caused her maturity level to rise, and led her to the understanding that her life was in the hand of God, and that He personally had designed the plan for her life, and to fulfill His plan, all she had to do was follow His instructions and everything would turn out for her just the way He wanted it to.

Throughout her life, Mary remained rock steady in her trust of the plan the angel had laid out before her when she was just fourteen years old.

Her faith never wavered even when she was watching her Son be crucified by people who were jealous of Him. DThrash


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