The God of Christianity

The God of Christianity is not the god of religion. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, religion wanted Him to come down from the cross to prove to everyone He was the Son of God.

They did not understand that Jesus did not want to escape His cross, He embraced His cross, He loved His cross because we sinners were the reason for His cross. And for Him to abandon His cross, He would have to abandon the ones He came to rescue and that was not going to happen.

Jesus taught, “Any person who will not take up his cross and follow Him is not worthy of Him.” We all face difficult trials in life, but it is what we do when faced with them that defines who we are as a Christian. God has promised us, “That He will never leave us nor forsake us.” He also tells us, that when we pass through the fire, “I will be with you.

The fire represents the difficulties we face. He is not going to remove our problems from us; He is going to take us through the problem so that when we reach the other side of our problem, we will break out into rejoicing just like the Israelite’s rejoiced when they stepped out on dry ground on the other side of the Red Sea and their enemies lay dead behind them. So stop worrying about problems when they confront you. God cannot be defeated, and as long as we stick with Him, we cannot be defeated either.

I am glad Jesus did not listen to the religious leaders of His day and come down from His cross; otherwise we would still be lost in our sin and on our way to hell. He chose to experience the full range of pain and emotions that accompanied His cross experience; therefore, He can fully identify with me in every problem I encounter in life.

As a result of Him embracing His cross and completing His mission on earth; more people have been won to Him through His death then He ever won with preaching while He was alive on earth. If that were not true, we would not be sitting here today reading of His refusal to come down from the cross. I needed a Savior. I needed someone who would stand with me during difficult times. I found that person. His name is Jesus Christ. What I didn’t need was someone who would abandon their mission when the going got tough. That kind of god might be okay for the religious minded, but he will never do for a Christian. DThrash


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