The Power of Your Words

The Secret Life of Words

The Secret Life of Words 

Take a moment to reflect upon the words you speak throughout the course of an average day. What are you saying about your life, your job, your wife, your relationships? Are you building them up or are you tearing them down with the words you speak about them? Are you blessing them or are you cursing them? If you are cursing them; everything you hold dear is slowly but surely distancing themselves from you. How do I know this to be true? We were created to be drawn to words of encouragement and to withdraw ourselves from words of discouragement. Our words are building blocks that are used to construct our life in the same way concrete blocks are used to construct buildings. The more blocks that are used, the stronger the building becomes and the harder it is to destroy. The more words that are spoken about a situation we are in, the harder it becomes to destroy it later.

Do you love your wife? If you do, tell her so? Do you enjoy your job? If you do, tell your employer you do. Or, do you curse your wife, your relationships, and your job, and think that somehow things are going to improve for you? Dream on, it isn’t going to happen. No one rewards another person for cursing them. Thankful people, say, “Thank you.” And ungrateful people don’t. Praise your wife and she will respond to your praises. Curse her and she will respond to you in like manner. The same hold true for every other aspect of your life as well. Words possess the power to build up, and the power to destroy. The right words spoken in the right tone of voice brings honor and blessings into your life, and words spoken harshly works to your destruction.

The words you speak tell other people what kind of a person you are. If you lie, you’re a liar. And those people who don’t lie, do not want to be around you because they can’t believe anything you tell them. If you have a potty mouth; those people who don’t have a foul mouth do not want to be around you. It’s your mouth and your tongue and you can control the words coming from them. If you are one of those people who go around all day cursing every good thing about life; your life is going down hill and it is not going to get any better. And it’s a sure bet; if you do nothing to change the words you are speaking over your wife, your job and your relationships; they are slowly but surely withdrawing themselves from you because of the words you are speaking about them.

One day all the things you hold dear will be gone and you will be left wondering where they went and why they left you. The things we hold dear, ie life, spouse, employment, relationships etc., have life in them and can be destroyed as far as we are concerned whether they actually die or not. And if they die to us; we and we alone are guilty of sowing the words of discontent in their fertile heart. We are our own worst enemy, and our loudest cheerleader. Therefore, we can never point the finger at anyone else and blame them for our failures because there are always three times as many fingers pointing back at us as there are pointing at those we blame. DThrash


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  1. Love this… awesome!

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