Are We Living Life or Running From Our Past?

Pharaoh and His Host Drowned in the Red Sea (i...

Pharaoh and His Host Drowned in the Red Sea

Most Christians spend their lifetime being pursued by their past. Why, I don’t know. When God saved us He gave us an eternal  future and forgave or destroyed our past. Take for instance when the Israelite’s were on the shores of the Red Sea with Pharaoh close on their heels; (Exodus chapter 14) Pharaoh was their past. God told the Israelite’s after this day you will never see Pharaoh again. Meaning the Israelite’s past was going to die that day and never again would they have to run from him or be pursued by him.

God was now in control of the future of the Israelite’s and their future lay on the other side of their Red Sea salvation experience where God would become their provider, their protector, their God. They would be moving into homes they didn’t build, eating a harvest they did not plant, work mines they had not dug, and take possession of flocks and herds they did not raise. God had a future in mind for the Israelite’s as He does for each one of us.

The Israelite’s past lay dead at the bottom of the Red Sea and our past died when we were born again. Our past didn’t come with us into our future so why we live like it did is beyond me. We have a life to live and we need to be about living that life and reaping all the blessings God has already bestowed upon us and stop running from our past. Our past only goes back as far as our salvation experience and not beyond. The past of the Israelite’s only went back to their Red Sea crossing and no further.

God assured the Israelite’s and us that our future will be a great deal better than our past. We are free men, we are no long slaves to a systems that robs us of our strength and life. God has taken control of our life, destroyed our past and promised us an eternal home with Him in the heavens where we will one day rule and reign over everything His Son created. Bury your past and live your life the way it was meant to be lived in righteousness, joy and peace. DThrash

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