The Truth About Fear and Faith


Freeway of Failure

Fear is a spiritual force operating outside of the human body that attacks the human mind with thoughts of failure. Fear is usually spoken into the ear of a person by people we are familiar with such as family members and friends. They say such things as, “You know Uncle so and so died from this and you probably will too. Or, our family has never amounted to much and your chances of becoming something are pretty slim.  If we heed such words as these we are are doomed to failure. A person defeats failure by filling their minds with positive information of success and refusing to budge when the messengers of failure start whispering in our ears.

Fear is an external force. It does not originate internally and its objective is to confuse our mind by getting us to focus on bad things that has happened in the past and telling us we can expect the same results in the future. If we were just a body without a spirit,  it really wouldn’t matter if we accomplished our  mission in life or not because there would be no hope for a different outcome since our mind responds to external stimuli over 90% of the time. But since we are a spirit being that lives in a fleshly body, our faith is a by product of our spirit person and resides in us and feeds off of the information we feed it. Information that is ingested internally is not dependent upon external stimuli to find a solution to a problem we are encountering. Faith will take us beyond the ordinary to do extraordinary exploits drawing on strength we did not know we possessed when it seems all hope is lost.

Going beyond the ordinary is what separates the ordinary person from the extraordinary. Extraordinary people do not listen to the people who whisper words of failure in their ears. They feed their soul food that builds internal strength and do not depend only upon their physical strength to accomplish great things. Our physical strength has its limits, but our faith is boundless and has no limits. Our faith will push us well beyond the point where most people give up, and assist us in accomplishing great things in the name of our Lord.

Man was created a war machine designed to overcome the rigors of life in whatever form it confronts us just as a warship is designed for the rigors of war. If the ships crew waits until they are embroiled in a great sea battle before they begin studying the art of war, they will not only lose their ship, but their lives as well. And as a Christian soldier, if we wait until we are at the point of being overwhelmed by the enemy before we begin studying how to defeat him; we too place our life in great peril. Before the warship goes into conflict the training and testing is done during times of peace so that the crew is ready for battle when it happens as it surely will. And as Christians we need to use our times of peace to learn the art of spiritual warfare. If we do these things ahead of time our faith will see us through and beyond the problems we will surely encounter in our walk with the Lord. Our faith is a shield that will stop every fiery dart of the wicked one. If it will stop every fiery dart our enemy can throw at us, it is time we learned how use our faith and defeat our enemies. DThrash


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