Do You Want To Be Made Well

Gods ultim will become like Jesus cover

Gods ultimate will become like Jesus

The story I am writing about is found in John chapter five. Jesus walked into the pool area called Bethesda one day and found there an invalid who had been in that condition for thirty-eight years. He asked the man, “Do you want to be made well?” The man began to explain to Jesus why he wasn’t healed. Jesus did not ask the man why he wasn’t healed. He asked him if he wanted to be made well. Then told the man what he needed to do to walk out of that place free of the infirmity that had him bound up. Jesus said to the man, “Rise, take your bed and go home.” The statement Jesus made to rise, take up your bed and go home was the answer to this persons problem. If Jesus asks a person a question He does so because He has an answer for their problem. This man didn’t know Jesus from Adam. He had no clue who ask him if he wanted to be made well. Irregardless of who asked him the question; it was decision time for this man. He had to ask himself the question, “Do I want to be free of this infirmity, or do I want to remain bed-fast for the rest of my life?” And therein lies the answer to our most pressing problems. Do we want to be free of our problems bad enough that we will do something about them, or do we want to continue to struggle with them. The man in this story wanted to be free of his infirmity bad enough that he began making the effort to rise, and when he did, God supplied the power and the man rolled up his bed roll and carried it home with him.

The bible is full of miracles like this and when we attach our name to them, they become personal. Place you name on the line __________ if you want to be made free of your problem? Search the scriptures to find out what God has said about your situation and then determine you are going to win over the problem, God will supply the power, and you, too, will be free to carry on with your life. The man in this story could have ignored the question Jesus asked him and laid right there on his pallet and died. Jesus would not have forced him to get up and receive his miracle. The man had to make the decision he wanted to be free of his infirmity more than he wanted to remain bed-fast watching other people get healed of their infirmities. We have to do the same thing this man did. We have to make a decision we hate the problem we are dealing with and do something about it. The power to change the invalids life was in the invalid and the power to defeat our problem is within us. When we determine to win over our problem, God supplies the power and we walk away free. Do you want to be free of your problem? I think you do. Determined in your heart right now you are going to defeat that devil that has you bound up preventing you from walking in your God given prosperity, good health, and sound mind. Ask the Lord to assist you in this battle to receive what rightfully belongs to you. You have the will to win and the Lord has the way and the power.  The two of you working together will make a wonderful team that cannot be defeated. DThrash

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