Our Purpose For Being?

God the Father 16

Once a person finds their reason for being and their purpose in life, their whole life changes for the better. Those who never find their reason for being wonder around searching for life in things that leads to death. Death cannot promote life until it has been touched by the children of God. As a reference point, study the life of a sinner who is born again. God takes the life of that old sinner and makes a new creation out of them, and the new life in them removes the dead things that made them a sinner and replaces those dead things with things that leads to life. That is a miracle. New life replacing that which was was once dead. To creation, the children of God are a wonder. To the one who commands the wind to blow that cools us on hot days and who commands the snow and rain to fall in their season to replenish our water supply, and who commands the birds to fly south in search of food and shelter during the long winters of the frozen north, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God created man to serve a higher purpose than the one most people settle for. We were made to worship our Creator and enjoy His presence, while we bring order to the world in which we live. We were created to be a blessing to the earth and watch it recreate or reproduce itself after its own kind. What a brilliant idea. Catch the vision and we can change the world we live in. DThrash


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