Ringing In 2014

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It’s New Year’s Eve and in just a few short hours the New Year 2014 will rang in at 12 midnight. Are you ready for 2014? I am. Life is counted in years, but every year ends on December 31st at midnight, and a New Year begins just like everything we encounter in life has a starting and ending point. Storms have a starting point and they come to an end. A sea going vessel has a departure time and an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at their destination point. So too did 2013 which began on January 1st, 365 days ago, and will now draw to a close just one minute short of the ball falling which signals a New Year has begun. Are you ready to start a new year? Are you ready to start something new in your life?

We don’t have to let the baggage we picked up during 2013 come forward with us into 2014. The baggage we accumulated in 2013 when added with what we will pick up during 2014 can become too much to bear even for the strongest person. A wise man has learned to leave his past behind and move forward into his future baggage free. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  In other words, Jesus tells us we can leave our excess baggage from 2013 with Him, and begin afresh in 2014 burden free. That sounds like a winning proposition to me. Who else will let you deposit your excess baggage with them and not charge you for taking care of it? No one I know.

People make Jesus out to be a bad person; of course that isn’t anything new, they did the same when He walked the earth, but He still took the excess baggage they were carrying and did away with it, and He does the same for those of us today who understand He’s a great guy who has done a lot for mankind even though we don’t always appreciate Him for what He has done for us. One day we are all going to meet Him face to face and won’t we feel like a fool when He ask us, “Why didn’t you leave all that excess baggage you were carrying around with me and I would have gotten rid of it for you.” But since you wanted to hang onto it so badly during your lifetime and refused to give it to me, you can keep it with you for eternity.

The difference between 2014 and eternity is that 2014 will come to an end in 365 days, but eternity is without end, it is forever and ever. Isn’t it time we wised up and gave Jesus a chance to remove the garbage from our life so we can walk in newness of life with Him forever burden free. To get an idea of what I am talking about: pick up 100 lbs of weight and place it across your shoulders and carry it around with you for 30 minutes or so, then lay that 100 lbs down and instantly you will feel better because a heavy burden has been removed from your body. Just lugging that extra 100 lbs around caused your body to use up a lot of your energy that could have been better used doing something beneficial. That is how it is when you give those burdens to Jesus that have you worn down to a frazzle. Eventually those extra burdens will break you down until you don’t have enough energy to do anything worthwhile. As I said, Give Jesus a chance. You will be surprised to discover how much better you feel spiritually, mentally and physically day in and day out. Make 2014 a year to be remembered. DThrash


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