Faith and Modern Day Christians in America

We have been studying Faith in our Tuesday night bible study and based upon what the bible says faith is and how we see God’s children living today are complete opposites. God has told us in His Word that all the promises in Him are, “Yea, and Amen.” That means if God said it belongs to His children those promises belong to His children,  no if, and’s, or but’s, about it. They belong to us. But rather than seeing God’s children living in God’s promises, we see His children begging bread and medical assistance from our government, living in substandard housing, broke, disgusted, frustrated, sick and dying without ever grabbing hold of God’s promises and living the life God intended for them to live. How can this be? If God is for us, why is the church living in such squalid conditions, pitied by the world and despised by the very people we were sent to lead to the Lord? Joshua had something to say about this very subject in Joshua 18:3,  Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?” The Israelite’s had taken just enough of the land to become satisfied and thus they settled for a lot less than what God had intended to give them. Does this sound familiar? We ask the Lord to be our Savior and to forgive us of our sins and then we become satisfied and settle never receiving all that God intended for us to enjoy. Some people call this being fireproof. Assured of going to heaven and escaping the fires of hell. Personally, I am not convinced they are fireproof anymore than the Israelite’s were safe just because they were in Canaan.

When we read the book of Judges we realize it isn’t long after the Israelite’s get comfortable and settle that their enemies would come and take back what had been taken from them. In God’s infinite mercy He would raise up another judge and Israel would enjoy peace for a while and when that judge died, they settled again and the process would repeat itself. What a miserable existence the Israelite’s were living. They never really got to enjoy the bounty God had given to them because they were constantly fighting the enemies they should have defeated long before. Sound familiar. The modern day church is fighting to hang onto what it has managed to scrape together instead of advancing God’s kingdom and taking from Satan what has been given to us as an inheritance. We settle and get comfortable and before we know it the enemy is knocking on our door to take everything we own from us. Folks, that is not the way God designed it to be. God intended for us to be a light in this world drawing the lost to the Lord, and possessing more than we need to help those who cannot help themselves. However, we are not even close to reaching that point because we have let ourselves become powerless, frustrated and disgusted that God isn’t doing anything to help us while God sits in heaven wondering when His children are going to wake up and go in and take from the enemy everything He has given to us as an inheritance. Wake up! Get up! Put on the armor that is sitting in the corner collecting dust and let’s go to war and put the devil under our feet as we have been commanded to do DThrash

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